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Free v2schnitzel burgers for World Earth Day

Published April 14th, 2022

FREE v2schnitzel burgers to help save the planet? You heard that right!

To celebrate World Earth Week, on Wednesday April 20th we’re giving away thousands of v2schnitzel® burgers at outlets across the country. Switching to plant-based meat is a simple change that can massively reduce your impact on our climate without missing out on the taste of your favourite meals.


*Available at participating outlets while stocks last.

To continue with our commitment to the planet, from April 22nd, the official date of World Earth Day 2022, for 2 weeks, you'll receive 3 FREE v2nuggets with the purchase of ANY burger in the same participating outlets! Because who doesn't love a delicious, planet-saving freebie?


*Promotion only available in selected stores listed.
*Offer valid 22nd April - 6th May or until stock runs out.

Why World Earth Day?

World Earth Day is a time to reflect on how the food we eat impacts our planet.

The planet can’t support billions of meat-eaters. However, making a small change in diet is an easy way to reduce our impact on the environment. For example, by swapping out one burger to a v2burger, individuals are saving enough carbon emissions to charge their phone 11,883 times (Source).

Creating a ‘version 2’ of the food system is a collaborative effort. We are excited to be working with partners all over Australia so that going meat free this World Earth Day (and beyond) is easier than ever!

View the list of participating venues below.

Participating Venues






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