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Cheeseburger made with v2 plant-based meat patty served with slaw salad


Our vision for a sustainable food system is not one we can achieve alone. As we work towards this goal, we’re excited to welcome you into our community - sharing recipes, exclusive offers, and fun bits and pieces - and showcase how delicious and convenient the future of plant-based eating will be.

Here's Where to Find v2 in Woolworths

It’s only been a few weeks since we launched v2mince and v2burgers in Woolworths and we've unfortunately been having some issues meeting demand. If you're struggling to get your hands on v2, check out our full list of stores with stock.

Plate with cheeseburger made with v2 plant-based meat, served with lettuce, tomato and cheese and served on brioche bun

Soul Burger Launch

Bowl of summer spaghetti pasta with ragu made with v2 plant-based meat served with peas

We'll come to you

Bowl of chilli con carne made with v2 plant based mince with rice, beans, avocado, tomato and coriander

Meat Free Week - Change the World, Not Your Order

Bowl of teriyaki sesame stir fry made with v2 plant-based meat served with rice, shredded carrot and broccolini

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Plant-based v2food mince

What is v2?

Long farm field of lush soy crops, purple sunset on horizon

Why We Exist

Try Free v2 Samples at Drakes

v2 Now Available in Drakes Supermarkets