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Soul Burger Launch

Published July 27th, 2020

Since bringing Australians the Hungry Jack’s Rebel Whopper in October, we’ve been working hard to unleash our own signature patty on cafes nationwide. We’re stoked to announce that the Australian-first ‘Green Carpet launch of our very own ‘v2burger’ at Soul Burger has been a huge success.

We take our journey towards a delicious, nutritious and sustainable future for plant-based meat very seriously, so we knew that for the Australia-first launch of our signature v2burger we needed to partner with someone equally passionate about this vision. When the opportunity to partner with Soul Burger came up, we jumped!

Like v2, Soul Burger is all about making plant-based foods a delicious, convenient option for all - whether you’re a vegan, carnivore, or something in between. They’ve earned a reputation for getting the whole spectrum of eaters to come and try their delicious burgers - long term vegans and die-hard meat eaters alike. And they do it with a very simple mission: damn good burgers, made entirely from plants.

So we rolled out the green carpet at Soul Burger in Sydney’s Glebe to offer the first 50 customers the chance to try a v2burger on the house. Sure enough, as the 6pm launch time ticked closer, we had a queue snaking around the block, with a motley mix of young families, local workers and uni students lining up for a tasty plant-based dinner.

The burgers did not disappoint our hungry crowds. Soul Burger founder Amit Tewari crafted two delicious options for the night - one classic cheese-lettuce-tomato number and one jalapeño-stuffed spicy version for those looking for a kick! As our crowds filtered out from the restaurant and onto the street, there were plenty of happy customers to tell us what they thought.

“It tastes so much better than real meat!” One woman quipped. “Just try it!”

As we crack on planning more restaurant launches across Australia, we’re thrilled by the success of the Soul Burger launch. Queues like the ones we had on Friday are a sure sign that people are more willing than ever before to shake up their diets and try plant-based foods. With such dedicated, talented partners, we can’t wait to bring you more tasty v2 products as we continue our roll out across Australia and the globe!

Stay tuned to our socials for more exciting partnerships and products to come.

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