v2food’s Roadmap to Food System v2

Published November 14th, 2022

v2food’s Roadmap to Food System v2

To tackle climate change, we need a version 2 of the food system.

Designing a sustainable, nutritious, and delicious version 2 of food is critical to the health of our planet and population.

The Global Challenge

It’s no secret people love to eat meat. However, the growth in both our global population and the planet’s climate temperatures will add additional pressures on food availability.

Did you know?

  1. The demand for meat is expected to double within 30 years.
  2. Meeting this demand is impossible without devastating nature, negatively impacting the climate, and without decreasing animal meat intake among developing countries.
  3. Producing animal meat will always be resource-intensive. Even with the best beef production efficiency, clearing forests would be required to achieve potential future demand.

Our Solution

A version 2 of the food system is necessary to support the environmental, health, and nutritional needs of our global food chain.

Plant-based meat is a tasty and sustainable alternative for people who love the taste of meat, but want to reduce their animal-meat consumption for their health and the planet. We’re on a mission to create products that look, cook, and taste just like animal meat, while at the same time delivering additional nutritional benefits.

Our Roadmap to version 2

At v2food, we’re all about investing in innovative solutions to build a thriving, sustainable food system.

Want to read more about our journey to version 2? Download the pdf below to read our Policy Paper.

Download policy paper

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