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We’re so excited to have you on the v2 journey with us, so we’ve provided the checklist below to help you grow your business and ensure you make a splash with v2 on your menu. Don't forget to download our in depth guides on menu planning, social media marketing and more!

Step 1. Place your order for v2

Our distributors are stocked and ready to ship tasty v2 direct to your store. Find your nearest outlet for v2, browse our range of products, and get ready to make a splash with v2 on your menu.

Step 2. Plan your menu

Pick the recipes you’ll use to showcase your v2 products, then write a killer menu to get your customers excited about your new dish!

Remember to target your menu at meat eaters by emphasising the delicious flavour of the dish, and keeping v2 the same price as any comparable meat dish. You can read up on this blog post to learn more about who v2 is designed for.

Pizza made with v2 plant-based mince, onions, olives, capsicum and cheese

Step 3. Order your free POS materials

Having an awesome v2 dish on your menu is one thing. Having people know about it is another! Build hype and maximise sales for your new menu listing with our FREE point of sale materials. From instore posters to burger wraps to table tents, we've got all the accessories you need to get your customers excited about v2. Order yours today!

Step 4. Get the team on board

Let your staff try a sample v2 dish and read our FAQ page so they can speak from personal experience when explaining the taste, health and sustainability perks of v2 to customers.

You can also read up on our mission to understand why customers will want to make the switch to v2.

Cafe staff reviewing checklist on clipboard

Step 5. Tell the world

Post photos and videos of your v2 creations on your social media channels to build hype and attract customers. Speaking of attracting customers, make sure you Get Featured on the v2 map!

Be sure to share your success with us by using the hashtag #v2mince or #v2burger, and tag us @v2foodofficial! We love sharing your content with our fans!

Box of Soul Burger burgers made with v2 plant-based meat patty served with chips


We get it - you’d much rather spend your day planning a killer menu or chatting to happy customers than fiddling around with social media. That’s why we're putting together the ultimate care package of best-practise templates to make social media marketing a breeze.

Check back soon for downloadable assets, and in the meantime tune in to our Instagram account for inspiration.