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v2mince is our most versatile product yet! Available in both beef-style mince or chicken-style mince, v2mince delivers on the flavours you know and love, in a format that lets you experiment with a range of cuisines and recipes. Whether you’re whipping up a pasta sauce or dumpling filling, v2mince is a seamless and delicious choice.

A pack of delicious looking plant based v2mince beef flavour

Deliciously juicy beef-flavoured mince, made to look, cook and taste like beef. An easy switch for all your favorite meals.

A pack of delicious looking plant based v2mince chicken flavour

Deliciously juicy chicken-style mince. Perfect for stir-fry, meatballs, rissoles, lasagne and all your favourite meals.

Map of Sydney marking stockists of v2 plant-based meat products in CBD and North Shore


v2food is available at hundreds of outlets across Australia… and counting! Check out our map to find your nearest v2food fix. Whether you’re craving burgers or burritos, our awesome partners have you covered.


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