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v2 looks, cooks and tastes like meat but is made from the goodness of plants.

Why? Because version 1 of our global food system is broken. Sustainably feeding a future population of 10 billion people demands a version 2. We’re on a mission to make delicious, nutritious and sustainable plant-based meat alternatives for generations to come. If you love the taste of meat but not what it’s doing to our environment, v2 is the choice for you.


Bowl of chilli con carne made with v2 plant based mince with rice, beans, avocado, tomato and coriander

Full of flavour and meaty texture, v2mince is our most versatile product yet, perfect for your new and classic mince recipes.

Gourmet burger made with v2 plant-based meat, cheese, cabbage slaw and spinach on a milk bun

Our juicy v2burger patties are your one-stop shop for a mouth-watering plant-based burger makeover.

Loaded with herbs and ready in a flash, v2sausage nails flavour and versatility in one. Try them today!

Rustic country style v2schnitzel®, in a crunchy golden crumb sprinkled with delicious herbs and cracked pepper.

Traditional southern style v2tenders®, with a mouth-watering crispy golden layer topped with tasty southern herbs and spices.

Family favourite dishes made quick, easy, and delicious with v2 ready meals™, the perfect solution for a hassle free meal.


Animals eat plants to make meat. At v2, we just use the first part of that equation.

With the help of the scientists at Australia’s top research organisation, CSIRO, we’ve worked out how to take protein from legumes and turn it into something that looks, cooks and tastes like meat. We’ve designed v2 to deliver important vitamins and minerals like iron, protein and vitamin B12, with added goodness of plant fibre and zero.

v2 is everything you love about meat, with none of the things you don’t.


v2 is designed to be the perfect plant-based alternative in any recipe that usually uses mince meat. v2 looks like meat, cooks like meat, and tastes like meat, so all you have to do is change one ingredient. Watch the video below for a cooking demo, and check out the gallery below for examples of amazing v2 dishes you could whip up in your own home.


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